In Canada, the petition was already a success!

Due to the wonderful Jill Piebak and her campaign, tampons and sanitary pads are not being taxed anymore.


The campaign in Great Britain is led by Laura Argyropulo Coryton and can count over 249.000 signatures! Further information to the legal situation in Great Britain as well as more details about the campaign can be found on their very own homepage Stop Taxing Periods.

In Italy, the campaign has been launched by Chiara Capraro. Currently she is working in London on gender policy. The VAT in Italy is currently at 20%.

 The australian campaign is led by TSUNO.

TSUNO is a company which supports women and girls in developing countries by distributing sustainable and socially responscible sanitary products. Additionally, the company is donating 50% of their earnings to the International Women´s Development Agency.

The VAT in Australia is currently 10%.


In February 2015, the  Georgette Sand Collective launched the petition in France.

In France the normal VAT is 20% - Georgette Sand argues to lower the VAT for tampons, sanitary pads and cups to 5,5%. This rate is already applied on products like food, but also condoms.

The lowering to 2,1% is also an option - this is the rate which is intended for certain medical products; the argumentation here is that having your period is not an option . They have already over 17.000 supporters, but they are planning to do even more: the petition shall be extended to change EU-regulations.